Burgle's Scales of War

Haven of the Bitter Glass, Part 1

The party mass teleported from the sinking tower in the Sea of Fire in the Elemental Chaos, and just did some stone-cold chillin’ for a few weeks.

One sunny afternoon, while the party was checking out possible rental or purchase properties for a headquarters, a guard came running up and told them that they were urgently needed at the city gates. Inwardly sighing (I’m certain), the party made their way, and as they approached, heard a horrible ruckus outside the gates. Once they were outside, they could see people fleeing from a freshly kinda-sorta crashlanded airship.

Standing on deck was a young, exhausted-looking githzerai named Tokk’it. He explained his plight – his monastery/fortress was under attack, and he was here seeking the heroes of Overlook. Though initially skeptical of the party’s claims to be the illustrious Skysharks, he was soon won over, and the party agreed to help. After a stirring, rallying speech to the local guards, the party recruited 25 guards and boarded the Conqueror.

On the way back to Akma’ad, Tokk’it gave a little more background. He had been meditating outside when he witnessed the beginning of the attack, and then cleverly stole the airship. (The airship itself is pretty bitchin’.) He was worried that there was a traitor within the monastery, as the attack conveniently fell during a githzerai conference, and one of the main defenses of the fortress (a triggered landslide) had failed to manifest. He was also worried about his ex-girlfriend, Gallia, who had broken up with him several months ago.

While poking around the ship, the party found a copy of the captain’s orders:
We expect the attack to go smoothly and quickly. Our informer is inside Akma’ad already, and has agreed to assist Brann’ot in the assassination of the foul githzerai leaders. Once you receive the signal from my flagship that the defenses are neutralized, land the Conqueror at a safe distance from the fortress and disembark all of your troops along with the Tyranny.
By the grace of High Emperor Zetch’r’r, Lord of the Astral Sea,
Captain Iquel
The Sacrifice”

They also found portraits of three of the visiting githzerai leaders (Odos, Kath’ik, and Wellik), and Tokk’it worriedly recognized the artistic style as Gallia’s.

Then the party got attacked! By three githyanki mounted on red dragons! Bitchin’! One pairing was slain by the noble guards of Overlook, while the other two were eventually (after many, many misses) bored to death by the party.

They carried on, to Akma’ad, where the attack was well underway….



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