Burgle's Scales of War

Haven of the Bitter Glass, Part 1

The party mass teleported from the sinking tower in the Sea of Fire in the Elemental Chaos, and just did some stone-cold chillin’ for a few weeks.

One sunny afternoon, while the party was checking out possible rental or purchase properties for a headquarters, a guard came running up and told them that they were urgently needed at the city gates. Inwardly sighing (I’m certain), the party made their way, and as they approached, heard a horrible ruckus outside the gates. Once they were outside, they could see people fleeing from a freshly kinda-sorta crashlanded airship.

Standing on deck was a young, exhausted-looking githzerai named Tokk’it. He explained his plight – his monastery/fortress was under attack, and he was here seeking the heroes of Overlook. Though initially skeptical of the party’s claims to be the illustrious Skysharks, he was soon won over, and the party agreed to help. After a stirring, rallying speech to the local guards, the party recruited 25 guards and boarded the Conqueror.

On the way back to Akma’ad, Tokk’it gave a little more background. He had been meditating outside when he witnessed the beginning of the attack, and then cleverly stole the airship. (The airship itself is pretty bitchin’.) He was worried that there was a traitor within the monastery, as the attack conveniently fell during a githzerai conference, and one of the main defenses of the fortress (a triggered landslide) had failed to manifest. He was also worried about his ex-girlfriend, Gallia, who had broken up with him several months ago.

While poking around the ship, the party found a copy of the captain’s orders:
We expect the attack to go smoothly and quickly. Our informer is inside Akma’ad already, and has agreed to assist Brann’ot in the assassination of the foul githzerai leaders. Once you receive the signal from my flagship that the defenses are neutralized, land the Conqueror at a safe distance from the fortress and disembark all of your troops along with the Tyranny.
By the grace of High Emperor Zetch’r’r, Lord of the Astral Sea,
Captain Iquel
The Sacrifice”

They also found portraits of three of the visiting githzerai leaders (Odos, Kath’ik, and Wellik), and Tokk’it worriedly recognized the artistic style as Gallia’s.

Then the party got attacked! By three githyanki mounted on red dragons! Bitchin’! One pairing was slain by the noble guards of Overlook, while the other two were eventually (after many, many misses) bored to death by the party.

They carried on, to Akma’ad, where the attack was well underway….

The Temple Between - Act One

The (recent) story so far….


The party returned to Overlook in the company of Amyria, a hot chick who had been imprisoned in a sword. At the gates, she bid farewell to everyone and took off. She was last seen praying in the Temple of Ioun, in the District of the Nine Bells.

The gates of Overlook were obviously undergoing some fortification, overseen by a blond dwarf named Captain Aerun. No one seemed to know too much about why the gates were being altered, just that there had been “disturbances” in town.

The party headed to their old hangout, the Paddy-O, where Fiachre’s cousin let them know that a priestess named Lavinya had been looking for them, and they set out immediately to talk to her.

On the way to the temple of Erathis in the Divine Knot district, the adventurers noticed that the old temple of Moradin was also being renovated. The temple of Erathis, however, had definitely seen better days, and Lavinya (who turned out to be a hot, older, dark-haired half-elf) was alone in there.

She told you that her fellow adherent Haelyn, who tended the shrine to Erathis in Tradetown, had recently gone missing, and that some jerk named Grovald had taken her place. Worse, none of her co-priests and priestesses seemed to care, which seemed unlike them….

The party agreed to do some investigatin’, and in return she promised to prepare a Remove Curse ritual to rid them of their pesky nightmares.

The investigation involved several stops, including: some other temples (no dice there); the temple of Moradin (where there was a grumpy dwarf of the Hammerfist clan, Megan Swiftblade and the Freeriders, and Ancestor Karros, who was worried about High Priest Durkik); the Stone Anvil (main temple of Moradin, where the party was kicked out by Durkik); and the temple of Erathis (where, sure enough, Grovald seemed like a jerk, and Haelyn didn’t appear to have left of her own will).

Then there was an ambush to break up all the investigatin’, and after beating up some hoodlums, the adventurers discovered that the gang (part of the Lost Ones criminal organization) had been hired by someone from the city guard (no name) who hung out at the Pig and Bucket. The party went to the Pig and Bucket, but there was nothing obviously untoward there except for the beer.

Accordingly, the Skysharks waited until nightfall to return to the shrine of Erathis. There, Grovald and his cronies attempted an ambush, but the cronies were slain. Restraining their urge to murder Grovald as well, the party questioned him, learning that he had killed Haelyn and buried her behind a fountain (what a jerk!). He also confessed that he was taking orders from a General Zithiruun, but he didn’t know too much about him other than that he wore funky armor with iron joints and leather harnesses. Currently, he was taking orders from Durkik….

The group retrieved Haelyn’s body and took Grovald to the authorities. The authorities turned out to be Captain Aerun, who listened intently, then basically patted the Skysharks on the head and told them not to worry. But lo, they were worried.

Then they went to Lavinya’s house. She was saddened by Haelyn’s death, but she was able to summon her spirit for some questioning. All Haelyn could add to the story was that she was suspicious about the odd behaviour of her fellow priests and priestesses, but she was unwise in making her suspicions known, because that’s probably why she was murdered.

The Skysharks stealthily shadowed the sneaky supplicant Durkik to a sketchy warehouse. (He appeared to be a doppelganger….) He left a few minutes later, and the group stormed in and killed a bunch of people. They attempted to hold Captain Aerun for interrogation, but he died (or was his body vacated?). The true Durkik was discovered locked up in the basement along with a tricky booby-trap, so a vomiting Vlad was brought in to deal with the deadliness.

Durkik had a lot to say. Many important people had been possessed by some dark ritual, but he was not, because General Zithiruun needed information from him. It all had to do with the Mountainroot Temple, an ancient structure in the Stonehome Mountains. It was the centre of worship for Moradin and contained mystical portals that connected it to other churches of Moradin, as well as the Astral Sea (so exarchs of Moradin could swing by and shoot the breeze, essentially). It was mostly destroyed by an earthquake and the priests fled with many of the valuables. After a few decades, some priests returned, cleaned it up, and left a Caretaker to tend to and protect the temple. This is a closely guarded secret, only known to the highest ranked leaders in the worship of Moradin.

Zithiruun seemed obsessed with discovering information about the temple’s defences, but all Durkik really knew was that they were attuned to the Caretaker. Nevertheless, Durkik was tortured for days, never seeing Zithiruun’s face (hidden by a cloak), but noticing his distinctive armour. After a while, Zithiruun left in a huff, insisting that he was going to find out for himself.

Durkik confided that one of the portals to the temple was in the Stone Anvil, and asked the party to travel to the Mountainroot Temple to foil Zithiruun’s plans, whatever they might be. He also asked them to retrieve the Incunabulum Primeval, an ancient relic of Moradin.

The priest led them under the Stone Anvil to a sepulchre, where they were confronted by a projection of Moradin who wanted proof of their devotion. After Alia laid down a sick, sick rap about Moradin, the projection gladly let them through the portal into the temple.


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